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On this page you’ll find many different subjects that poets have written about: funny, animals, nature, inspirational, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and so much more. There’s a section for young children that has age-appropriate, short and easy to follow rhymes for little learners. You’ll find many different styles from around the world like free verse, sonnets, ballads, limericks, and haiku. We are always looking for new writing to add that covers a range of subjects for all ages, so be sure to check back often. Also, as a blast from the past we’ve gathered some really great classic poems for kids as well.

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I Am Earth-Earth Day Book for Children
I Am a Bee Book for Children
Wilford and Blue the Sheep that Cried Wolf Book for children
I Am the Solar System-Astronomy Book for Children
I Am a Bee Book for Children
I Am Moon Book for Kids

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Poetry is a wonderful way to take time out of the day and spend a quality moment with children. Poems represent a person’s inner thoughts, dreams, fears, sadness, love and so much more. In a small amount of words, poems paint a broad picture of the world around. The range of the artistic expression poetry is capable of is endless and that’s an important reason why reading all types of verse to kids broadens their minds and enriches their imagination.

On Rainy Day Poems, we’ve collected poetry from every era and many different corners of the world and all are kid friendly. New themes with numerous types of rhyme, prose, verse, sonnet, haiku and much more are constantly being added. The section Poems for Young Children is filled with short poems that are easy to read and follow. Space poems for kids, like the other themed sections, has both short and simple as well as long and complex.

If it’s animals that interest your child then, check out the animal section for poetry about all kinds of furry and not so furry beasts ranging from sloths to elephants. Because of the special love for horses, cats, and dogs we’ve given them their own sections where you’ll find poems about our sweet pets that evoke every type of emotion, all picked with children in mind. So have a laugh or have a cry or maybe feel a bit empowered by poetry written about a favorite animal.

Have you ever wondered about the poets who pour their hearts into the amazing work they create and you read? On Rainy Day, you’ll find a section dedicated to Famous and up- and-coming poets where you can read about interesting facts on each. Or check out the section that is about poets themselves.

No matter what time of year, the Nature Poems’ section has poetry for every season and every type of weather. The landscapes that poets can describe with words are quite amazing. Along with weather and seasons comes holidays and there is a section full of wonderful poetry covering the many different days of celebration, from Christmas to Halloween and so much more.

From beginning reader to a new learner of the English language, poetry can add a fulfilling way to study and strengthen language skills. Poems represent not only the language but the culture of the time. They look into the past and present through rich language and honest, heartfelt eyes. To really know a nation, read the words of the people, whether verse or prose. With all of the different sections dedicated to the many genres of poetry, a second language learner could plan a poem a day for study.

April is Poetry Month, and a great opportunity to read a new poem each day, so take the poetry challenge and find a way to be poetic every day in the month of April.

Poems can be short, medium, or long, so it makes it very easy and convenient to read a-poem-a-day to a child. The benefits of reading are endless, building imagination, strengthening all school skills, learning patience, exercising the mind, and the list goes on, but most importantly reading in general can be used as a moment to build and strengthen a relationship with a child that will last a lifetime.

I Am Earth An Earth Day Book for Children
Wilford and Blue the Sheep that Cried Wolf Book for children
Wilford and Blue First Day of School Book

Table of Contents for Poems for Kids

Birthday Poems

We celebrate birthdays with song why not also add a special birthday poem to that important day. On this page are poems about birthdays from each day of the week in Birthdays by Unknown Author to a reminiscence of years gone by in Willameena’s A Birthday. Each special day that goes by the cake needs to be a little bigger to hold all of the candles, words beautifully articulated in Evelina San Garde’s A Giant’s Cake. Read on for more Birthday poetry…

Unicorn Poems

A collection of poems that will take you to the enchanted forests where unicorns roam. Poetry brings everyday life, as well as the imagination to life. We haven’t found unicorns yet in this world of ours, but you wouldn’t know it by reading the poems dedicated to this enchanted horse like beast. From a frolic in the dew-drop moss to a galloping unicorn under the morning star, read on to envision the beauty and majesty of this mythological creature.

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes are the classic of classics, so we’ve dedicated a section to these young at heart tales that most of us can remember from our own childhoods. From Hickory Dickory Dock to Little Miss Muffet, young children of today will be happily entertained by the timeless rhymes of yesterday. There’s Mother Goose along with many more and some tangley tongue twisters to build reading and articulation skills.

Poetry by Willameena

This section is dedicated to the young contemporary poet Willameena. From Spilt Tea to The Little Doll the poetry of Willameena will leave the reader contemplating. Edgy rhythm and rhyme that kids will enjoy. For those readers who appreciate Lewis Carroll but still like a modern flare the collection of poems on this page will be a treasure.

The Real Mother Goose

The timeless nursery rhymes collected as Mother Goose, great for young children. Short and simple poems that are engaging for little kids. Little Bo Peep, Jack Sprat and Peter Piper, just to name a few, are a click away in this section dedicated to the classic old bird herself.

Meet Famous Poets

Prayers for Children From Around the World

  • Prayers have a beautiful poetic nature along with deep spiritual meaning. Here you’ll find prayers from all around the world.

Poems for kids by some contemporary poets

Poems for Kids by Emily Dickinson

Poems for Kids by Robert Louis Stevenson

Poems for Children by Lewis Carroll

Poems for Kids by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Children’s Poems by Christina Rossetti

Poems for Kids Written by African American Poets

Classic Poems For Kids

Cautionary Tales for Children

Cultural Poems for Kids

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