Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday! One of the most important days to remember is the day someone is born, so we’ve gathered all different types of poetry that celebrate this very important tribute to the first day of life. Along with cake, candles, balloons, and happy wishes, rhymes have been part of the celebration from the beginning. Here are some verse, lyrics and nursery rhyme that can go along with the age old birthday song.

I Am Spring-Seasons Book for Children
Wilford and Blue Easter and the Lost Sheep
I Am Earth Earth Day Book for Kids
An Earth Day Book for Children

A Giant’s Cake by Evalina San Garde
A Birthday by Christina Rossetti
Birthday Verses by David Scott
To a Little Girl on Her Birthday by David Scott
Birthdays by Unknown Author
My Birthday by Thomas Moore
A Birthday by Willameena
When I Was One and Twenty by A. E. Housman
How Old Are You? by H. S. Fritsch