Poems Submitted by Friends of Rainy Day Poems

Poetry by Victoria Stasiv
Poetry by Daniel Klawitter
Poetry by Celine Rose Mariotti

Used To by E. Kraft
At the Museum by Andrew Sprung
Power Trip by Andrew Sprung
The Artist’s Struggle by Jeffrey Nicholas
Oh Toothless by Ophelia Mae Smith
Monsters in Jack’s Bedroom by Glen Hill
The Elf, the Reindeer, and the Rock Star by Celine Rose Mariotti
Quiet in the Evergreens by Morgan Green
The Dog by Shamik Banerjee
Oysen and His Whistle by Shamik Banerjee
You by Emily Ryan
I Fell When You Smile by Serenity Grace Arteaga
Maudie Stanley by Austin
Open Book by Maudie Owen
What is Blue? by Anonymous, young girl that starts with an N
The Tiny Little Worm by Cody Higinbotham
Small by Emlyn Hall
Nature a Beauty or a Mystery by Rami Martin
A Kinder You by Anvie and Vanisha
Boredom by Marc Reiss
Halloween Unseen by Grace Gilliam
Little Wings by Judy Arterburn
Gray by Lox Dea
Life by Kareem Abdulwaris
Oh Well by Alice Mi
Within a Moonlit Dream by Christopher Kenneth Hanson
Call of the Wild by Doug Benson
The First Peacock by Doug Benson
The Lost Shoe by Nanci Rainey
The Seasons With Tree, Bear and Bee by Nanci Rainey
“Charlie’s Super Duper Very Long Day” by Natasha D. Brooks
Dear Mom by Jared Hottenstein
The Little Church by Alexis karpouzos
If I Were A Lion by Rachael Vilburn
“Over In the Barnyard” By Ashley E. Kauffman
Nuts by Ginny Gee
The Spider-Web by Teresa Hall
How Bob the Beagle Got His Name by Bob Jackson
Just Laugh by Debbie Bongiovanni
Don’t Procrastinate by Debbie Bongiovanni
My Asylum by Ace Opena
I Like Summer by Messiah White
The Teddy Bear and the Snowman by Celine Rose Mariotti
A Teddy Bear Wish for Christmas by Celine Rose Mariotti
All the Little Care Bears by Celine Rose Mariotti
The Muppets- “A Conversation” by Celine Rose Mariotti
Haiku by Ethan
My Elusive Friend by Brett Hoover
The Regal Owl by Brett Hoover
Faintness of Fairy Songs by Brett Hoover
A Pause to Think by Mario William Vitale
Save Our Earth by Louise Norduff
Alligator Teeth by Brian MacPherson
Elle’s Dream by Anjali Nair
Life Is a Story by Tanvi Jeph
Santa, the Snowman, and the Sweetheart Bear by Celine Rose Mariotti
Little Puffin by Teresa Hall
Mouth of Babes by Ivan Jenson
Wise Words by Ivan Jenson
Transparent Eyeball by Brilliant Ncanana
Rhythm of the Animals by Alex Mannion
A Stunning Visual by Tamizh Ponni VP
A Good Night Dream by Geary Smith
Face of the Universe by Erik
Goodnight by Yasmin Dharamsi
Hope by Abigayle Vyhmeister
I Like by Ameliyah Waldo
A Little Paper Friend Connie Mullender
The Giraffe by Louise Gwinnett
If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive by Louise Gwinnett
Back to School by Louise Gwinnett
The Dark by Louise Gwinnett
Talking in Opposites by Gail Lotz
Positive Me by Madeline Kristine LaJoy
Amongst the Stars by Marianne Scarfe
As the Sun Kisses the Sea by Marianne Scarfe
Darkest Lace by Marianne Scarfe
Pitter Patter by Marianne Scarfe
Piddle, Paddle, Puddles by Madeline LaJoy
Water, Water by Marianne Scarfe
Bugs by Marianne Scarfe
The Birds by Navin Bhandari
The Ancients by Mario William Vitale
Secrets by Eva
Butterfly flies away by Oriada Dajko
Mothers by Marianne Scarfe
You by Marianne Scarfe
Gummy Yummy by Divyansh
A Rainy Day by Alvin Koshi
The Sun by Anahita Jain
A Rainy Day by Anushka
My Pet Dog by Viti Bhandari
I Love Mermaids by Rati Kapur
Rain by Advait Pandey
Rainy Day by Vatsaal Lakhotia
A Rainy Day by Kaden
Raining and Pouring by divyansh
I Don’t Know What To Do by Aarav. H
a rainy rhyme world by shaarav
A Rainy Day by Aadit
A Rainy DAY poem by Aryaman Dua
My Cat by nshu Mehta
World’s Best Candy by syra mohan saini
Rainy Day Poem by Neha Sachdeva
Rainy Day by Kalyani Krishna
Dylan Deaton by Kali
Oreana By Tegan
Skrillex Snowleopard by Tegan
Art by Kali
Spring by Aaron Campbell
Oh My Dear Rain by Sravanth
Acrostic by Aroha Dixit
The Old Man by Xinity
Rain by Candice Lance
What a Mother by Macie
Seek by Macie
Basketball by Remo
The Cat by Catherine
The Test Pest by Joseph M.
The Blanket of Snow by Ham
Roesch by Madison
My Lazy Cat by Tristian Kelly
My Acrostic Poem by Tristian Kelly
Lollipop by Konner Hazen
Jman by Jordan Mccallihan
My Name Is Jeff by John
Rain rain…..by Varad Trivedi
Finally by Caera C.
My Friends by Cecilia
My Dad by Michelle Cutler
Lefty (a sharpener) by Jayden Perfect
Cat by Marija Grocic
Ruby Bridges by Timmy Kujtim Ademovski
Flowers by Melvin
Flowers (#2) by Melvin
Lakes by Anthony
A Mat by Anthony
Daniel by Anthony
Cheetah by Anthony
Cats by Anthony
Apple by Murtaza
Dolphins by Aroha Dixit
Rainbows by Harrison Dhir
On a rainy day by Valerie Ekeigwe
The Great White Unicorn by Becca
Goodnight Kisses by Kiyana Aponte
mom I ate your father by Emily Christman
How I Wish by Jeremiah B. Mason
The Land of Nosesnumb by Anne Pollock
The Bright Moon by Marina
Sunflower Blooming by Grace Morris
Pickles by Rosalie O’ Hara
Mother’s Day by K
The Leaf by Rose Ann M. Delima
Peter Penguin by Alia Kirsch
Pickle’s Bay by Bernadette C. Harris
You’re Not Alone by Drishti Bokadia