Monsters in Jack’s Bedroom by Glen Hill

A little boy Jack was is his pajamas,
not long now till his bed,
He started thinking of the scary things,
imagining monsters in his head,
He thought his room was a scary place,
when all the lights went out,
He thought that something would grab him,
forcing him to shout.
His mother would escort him to his room,
and if anything was around,
If something came to take him away,
his mother would beat them down,
A story read and a happy end,
his mother’s words were so soothing,
But all that Jack could think of,
is what is under his bed and oozing.
They briefly talked about their day,
and how wonderful life can be,
But Jack’s mind was still elsewhere,
trying to find things he could not see,
His mother reminded him of his rubbish,
used tissues that go in the bin,
But all Jack could think of,
was his closet and all that lies within.
His mother reached over to the lamp
and turned off the friendly power,
Jack knew it was only a matter of time,
he’d be gobbled up within the hour,
His mother then kissed him on the cheek
and told him to get some sleep,
As soon his mother left thought Jack,
that’s when things start to creep.
The light came through a semi cracked door,
but Jack knew that this wouldn’t matter,
But he had his trusty lamp beside him,
turn that on and monsters would scatter,
Jack watched and hardly breathed at all
as he saw an unknown sight,
If that thing moves left of right,
it’s going to get the anti-ghoul light!
Jack was exhausted though,
he played that day as hard as he could,
The monster that was under his bed,
would only grab him if he stood,
The monster in the closet,
the one that coughed up that blue phlegm,
Would only attack him viciously,
if only he looked at them.
Before he knew it sleep took over
and soon Jack was off to dreamland,
He dreamt of nice and imagined places
where nothing would get out of hand,
When he woke up in the morning,
and the sun was shining so bright,
He had forgotten about all the scary things,
that he was worried about in the night.