What is Blue? by Anonymous, young girl that starts with an N

Dedicated : to my Mom 2024

Blue is the rain, watery and calm
it’s a watery cloud that is just the right color.
It is the snow when it comes and goes.
Blue is a puddle that shines bright day and night.
Blue is the waves that flow across the ocean sea
with different shades of color that I feel in me.
It is bubblegum that I chew in my mouth
with lots of tangy flavor and soft sweet blueberry taste.
Blue is blueberry pie
with the smell of the most magnificent thing you have ever smelt
and when you taste the pie it’s like nothing you have ever tasted before.
Water is like blue that I drink.
A rainbow has blue in it indeed and lots of vibrant color too.
I don’t really feel blue everyday
but the dark blue and light blue around me will never fade away.
The color blue is smooth and it has a groove.
Blue is the sound of a blue bird whistling on a fresh warm day.
most of the sky has blue way up high.
It feels the air with lots of joy,
blue is the color of my favorite toy.
Blue has always been my favorite color
and the love I have for the color blue
and how much I’m passionate will never change.