The Muppets-“A Conversation Between Fozzie and Kermit”
by Celine Rose Mariotti

“Kermit, I need you, my jokes aren’t working nobody laughs, even my Old Soft Shoe doesn’t work,
What am I to do?” sobbed Fozzie Bear, his adorable face peering into Kermit’s eyes.
Kermit nodded his head, thought for a moment, smiled at his friend the Bear.
“Sometimes show biz is like that, you know, Fozzie. Good days and bad days.
You’ll come up with some good jokes, everyone will laugh, you’ll do your Old Soft Shoe, and everyone will clap, clap, clap!”
“Kermit, you really think so?” cried Fozzie Bear, holding his paws over his eyes, to hide his tears.
“I know so Fozzie. I believe in you. That’s what friends are for.”
“You believe in me, Kermit?” asked Fozzie.
“Yes, I do, I believe in my Bear friend”
“Thank you, Kermit! I believe in you too!”
“We’re friends, Fozzie, forever you and I”.
“Friends forever, Kermit.”