All the Little Care Bears by Celine Rose Mariotti

Come to Lunch
Up in the clouds they are
Those sweet Care Bears
Way up in the air,
Beyond what the eye can see,
Care Bears gathering for tea,
There’s the Good Luck Bear,
His shamrock shining
A lucky charm you’ll be finding,
There’s the Funshine Bear,
A big yellow sun on her belly,
She’s eating peanut butter and jelly,
There’s the Champ Bear,
He has a trophy with the Care Bear heart
Beaming from his tummy,
Champ Bear rubbed his tummy,
The food was so yummy,
But winning the prize,
Made Champ Bear exercise,
Then there’s little Bedtime Bear,
With the half moon and star,
Her dreams take her far,
Though she loves to sleep,
She also loves to eat,
There’s another special Care Bear,
That’s the Cheer Bear,
Her rainbow has so much joy,
She lifts you up and she gives you
Reasons to dream and hope,
And she reads the leaves in the teacup!
Then another sweet Care Bear
His name is Grumpy Bear
And his little tummy has a big cloud
With heart-shaped tears
Grumpy gets sad,
And he really cares,
There’s another, sweet,
Adorable Care Bear,
She’s the little Share Bear,
Her little belly has popsicles
With hearts,
Share Bear Shares her love
And kindness
She’s a friend from the start,
Then there’s a sweet, lovable Care Bear
He’s called the Tenderheart Bear,
On his little tummy,
Is a great big heart
To show his love
For everyone
Tenderheart Bear brings Out the sun,
There’s another cute, sweet Care Bear
Her name is Harmony Bear
On her belly is a big red heart
And two small pink hearts,
Side by side, Harmony’s love is
Big and wide,
Care Bears are
Loving, sweet and kind,
Care Bears love you all the time.