My Elusive Friend by Brett Hoover

When one stares upon the barrenness, behind shadow’s semblance
They ponder upon what is lurking behind the veil’s gaze
Yet, as I rest my eyes upon its peaceful hold, its reticence is resemblance
Of an attuned spirit of commonality and ubiquitous ways
A companion venturing simultaneously alongside me, in a fog of the unknown
Its secrets safely hidden from the candle’s flames, as it traverses in gloom’s domain
Silent be its steps, as it moves not in careless whispers on a fading echo
Shifting across the wooded plain, in hushed hesitation and muted refrain
Until reaching grasses of blooming jasmine, strewn across a moonlit meadow
As we both bide our time in fields of blossoming aroma and blissful retreat
Our time together is fleeting as dawning rays stray between branches of canopy’s lace
I knew not your face, nor you mine, but for a moment our fates entwined
Your presence might leave without a trace, but in darkness we found a warming embrace
In tandem, our souls briefly aligned amidst a forest of spellbinding, yet peaceful unwind
Until we meet again, my mysterious friend, on paths of dimming light at dusk’s end