The Seasons With Tree, Bear and Bee
by Nanci Rainey

Good morning Bear, said the Tree.
Good morning Tree. Good morning Bee.
Tree, it seems you’ve lost your leaves.
It’s Autumn, Bear. I set them free.
See them scattered on the ground?
Red and green, gold and brown.
Winter’s coming soon, said Bear.
Ice and snow and freezing air. Brrr…
Everything barren and covered with snow.
The night sky twinkles, the stars all aglow.
My branches are bare, I will be cold.
Bear will be warm, he sleeps in a hole.
Colorful flowers bloom in the Spring.
My branches will dance and Bee will sing.
Bear will wake from his long winter’s nap.
Bee will find pollen, nectar and sap.
The warm summer sun will brighten the sky.
Bee will be buzzing and circling high.
The earth on its axis orbits the sun.
Changing our seasons one by one.
Winter Spring Summer Fall
Do you have a favorite?
I love them all!