The First Peacock by Doug Benson

One day a zookeeper was sent out to find
A new species of bird for the zoo.
He caught one that didn’t even try to fly
All white with white feathers too.
He put her in it’s appropriate cage
For which she didn’t attract
Anyone from any given age
They would come close but soon retract.
The problem was the simple fact
That the poor bird was colorless
Even the animals would mock and laugh
But the people; Oh, that was worse.
So late one night the bird got away
And to each animal she went
And asked them nicely if they may
Have a piece of color to lend.
Confused was each animal she did see
For they knew not why it was asked
But in the end they all agreed
And did grant her the strange request.
They woke the next morning and from that day on
The animals never again mocked
For before them now was the colors of their own
On the beautiful first peacock.