Small by Emlyn Hall

I’ve always been very small for my age,
its not a thing I particularly like
it makes it difficult you see,
when I run, reeeeeach or try to ride my bike
“The best things come in small packages!”
Is what mum always says to me.
But I don’t believe her,
just look around… a giraffe, a skyscraper, a tree
I try to grow, really I do!
At night I stretch and strain
But when I wake,
I’m just as small, but tonight I’ll try again
“When you are older, you will be tall.”
My dad says to reassure
But I cant wait that long for tallness, so shortness I guess, I must endure
Being small is not all bad, it can be rather fun
I’m brilliant at hide and seek! I’m hiding now…..shhhh I’ve almost won!