The Tiny Little Worm by Cody Higinbotham

The tiny little worm sat on a tree
Looking down at all to see
The worm only wished that he could be free
For sadly, he was stuck on this very tall tree
The worm said “Please, help me off this tree”
But from how high he was, it was hard to see
“Oh please, someday, can you help me”
“I’m just a worm, so small & slithery”
Then, a sound came, could this be
The chance to get out of this very tall tree
But then the worm thought and began to worry
What if it’s a bird landing on this tall tree
He was very scared, but then he would see
It wasn’t a bird, it was a small bumble bee
“Oh thank you” he said
“Can you help me”
“I’m stuck on this tree as you can see”
“I want to get down and finally be free”
“No problem” said the happy bumble bee
The bee lifted the worm and said “Come with me”
“You can ride on my back without a worry”
The bee flew to the sky & the worm said
He was no longer stuck on that very tall tree.