The Teddy Bear and the Snowman by Celine Rose Mariotti

Cornelius, the Teddy Bear was a lonely, little guy,
He always had a tear in his eye,
He wished somebody would give him a hug,
He loved being warm and snug,
The snow had fallen and everyone was out playing,
Looking out the window Cornelius started praying,
He saw the snowman the children had made,
but the snowman alone he stayed,
only two buttons for his eyes and a carrot for his nose,
but no clothes,
Cornelius watched him from the window,
Ideas in his Teddy Bear brain began to grow,
The Teddy Bear Angel touched Cornelius with her Magic Wand,
He was able to walk and talk and turn around,
so down the stairs and out the door he flew,
he wished on stars and trees and morning dew,
in his paws appeared, a hat, a scarf, and M&M’s for his smile,
The snowman eyed him and knew
He had gone the extra mile,
Cornelius placed the hat and scarf upon him,
The M&M’s to make his smile,
Upon him, Barnaby the Snowman smiled,
They were instant friends,
The two of them.