The Dark by Louise Gwinnett

I know it’s there,
I’ve seen it before.
It creeps in at night
Through the crack in the door.
it’s always there
When it’s time for bed.
It’s nothing to be scared of,
My mummy said.
I really wish
It would stay outside,
But I think it comes in
To find somewhere to hide.
I don’t like it too close,
I don’t like it too near,
But my mummy said
It’s nothing to fear.
But I know what to do,
I found out last night.
If I want it to go,
I just turn on the light.
And it disappears!
Into thin air!
Out through the door,
And down the stairs.
It slithers over the garden,
Then creeps across the park.
This night time creature,
Called The Dark.