Faintness of Fairy Songs by Brett Hoover

Echoes of spirited song dance in groves of distant allure
As tender blossoms of blooming buds’ glow in morning’s lure
Its chorus of melodic charm obscured in mists of soothing somber
Blurred in repetitions across slopes of timbered contour
To dance in joyous glee, round about the fairy ring
In notes and tunes of ditty hymns, they jubilantly clap and sing
Drinking drops of morning dew, cloaked in leaves in spirited view
In hats of vibrant blue, and vestments of forested hue
The forest folks’ feasts are adorned in feats of festive frolic
Even amongst the wistful branches of willows melancholic
As the sun begins to simmer, their tunes grow ever dimmer
Unison tones drift in dusk’s delay, as fairies rest below moonlit glimmer