“Over In the Barnyard” by Ashley E. Kauffman

Over in the barnyard,
On a roof in the sun,
Lived a young father rooster,
And his little rooster one.
“Crow,” said the father.
“I crow,” said the son.
So they crowed very loudly as this day has begun!
Over in the barnyard,
In a brown chicken coop,
Lived a young mother hen,
And her little chicks two.
“Peep,” said the mother.
“We peep,” said the two.
So they clucked and they peeped in the brown chicken coop.
Over in the barnyard,
In a hollowed-out tree,
Lived a young mother robin,
And her little birdies three.
“Tweet,” said the mother.
“We tweet,” said the three.
So they tweeted and they chirped in the hollowed-out tree.
Over in the barnyard,
By the red barn door,
Lived a young mother sheep,
And her little lambs four.
“Baa,” said the mother.
“We baa,” said the four.
So they baaed and they leaped by the red barn door.
Over in the barnyard, In a busy beehive,
Lived a young mother bee,
And her little bees five.
“Buzz,” said the mother.
“We buzz,” said the five.
So they buzzed and they flew in the busy beehive.
Over in the barnyard, In a fence lined with bricks,
Lived a young mother goat,
And her little kids six.
“Maa,” said the mother.
“We maa,” said the six.
So they maaed and they bleated in the fence lined with bricks.
Over in the barnyard,
When the clock struck eleven,
Lived a young mother mouse,
And her little mice seven.
“Squeak,” said the mother.
“We squeak,” said the seven.
So they squeaked and they played when the clock struck eleven.
Over in the barnyard, In the grass by the gate,
Lived a young mother cat,
And her little kittens eight.
“Meow,” said the mother.
“We meow,” said the eight.
So they meowed and they purred in the grass by the gate.
Over in the barnyard,
Where the moon starts to shine,
Lived a young mother dog,
And her little puppies nine.
“Bark,” said the mother.
“We bark,” said the nine.
So they barked and they howled while the moon starts to shine.
Over in the barnyard,
In a quiet little pen,
Lived a young mother pig,
And her little piglets ten.
“Oink,” said the mother.
“We oink,” said the ten.
So they oinked and they yawned as the day now will end!