Quiet In the Evergreens by Morgan Green

Shhh, Shhh, Shhh
Just be quiet in the evergreens.
Never share your feelings or opinions
No matter how important.
Never speak unless you’re told to
but when you are, make sure to pour your words through a filter.
Or else brick by brick you’ll have to pick up the pieces
making it appear as if you’ve broken it.
You’re just a kid, no one needs to hear your thoughts.
They say let them run wild because you’re just a child.
While you chase them across the thin ice make sure to stop and feel the gentle breeze.
Hearing the petite but loud song of the mighty evergreens.
The beautiful song will make you sing.
Singing with great pride and no fears.
Loud, proud, and mighty as if you’re all alone.
While you find your powerful voice through a tiny song.
As if you almost had forgotten the number one rule
shh, shh, shh,
I told you to be quiet in the evergreens.
You’ve awoken the monster
so giant and green
She now warns you of the weighty consequences
and her booming words fill your dreams.
With her loud voice, so big and proud,
she lets out a huge roar and shouts.
You run the risk of oversharing and your voice can be quite overbearing.
Your pain and your suffering make our hearts drop.
Our songs have beauty and meaning,
we have no room for all of your demeaning.
So just remember, even if someone asks you to share
They don’t care.
Your story should only be kept inside
no matter if you’re busting at the seams.
Oh, no, I’ve said too much and forgotten the number one rule.
Just look how I’ve broken my silence.
My mother, so dear and sweet,
will have to use her emotional violence.
Oh, for god’s sake
shh, shh, shh,
just be quiet in the evergreens.