My Asylum by Ace Opena

I’ve grown to love this haven
Learnt to adore its every inch
I love its scent of jasmine
Though they say it stinks.
I can’t forget the first night
I remember that gown I wore
Wrapped around me, it gave me warmth
I just felt so secure.
I’m friends with everyone
All who nursed me, I knew well
They always kid that I’m the worst
Staying that long for being unwell.
Every day I am excited
For the day’s dose of pill
It was for me to get better
So I’d swallow it with thrill.
Through my window,
I see the sun set
And I watch the flowers bloom
Gaped at how the leaves turn brown
While others wail in gloom.
It’s a place everyone despises
But that’s not how it is to me
This asylum is my home
A place that cared and accepted me.