“Charlie’s Super Duper Very Long Day”
by Natasha D. Brooks

A new day began with a shiny sunbeam
As Charlie awoke from a very bad dream
It was so scary, he let out a big scream
At least his dog Dingo was still on his team
Just as Charlie thought all was ok and cool
He felt his pillowcase soggy with drool!
He jumped, tripped, fell on his footstool
Then Dad said, “Son, you’re late for school!”
Charlie rushed, he didn’t miss a beat
Quickly dressed, pulled two socks on his feet
Then he went to the kitchen for something nice to eat
Sis Sue finished his favorite cereal — sweet shredded wheat!
Mom dropped him off as he heard the bell ring
He tiptoed to the seat between Kel and Ming
“Hey Charlie, you ready for the quiz in Spelling?”
Oh no, he forgot; he nearly felt like yelling!
Charlie spilled his lunch of falafel and couscous
When he got bumped in the back by bud Bruce
Who accidentally left his left shoelace loose Leaving
Charlie’s sweater stained with purple grape juice!
At the end of the day as the big hand passed the eight
Charlie had no choice but to sit at the school’s front gate
And wait and wait and wait and wait …
Dad was picking up, and he was always late
Charlie opened the car door, let out a few sighs
As Dad handed him a bag of hot golden french fries,
And there was another deliciously delightful surprise —
In the backseat was a stack of extra-large stuffed-crust pizza pies!
They were driving to the playground at the Picnic Park
To meet Mom, Sue, Dingo and Uncle Mark
At the table by the tree with moss on its bark
They brought dessert — vanilla and chocolate, extra dark
Charlie watched the sun set on the clear lake
And took a third bite of his second cupcake
Smiling, he said, “I appreciate that break …
Some days start bad, but it’s the good I’ll take”