Mother’s Day by K

Mother ur like leather, very heavy not like feather .
Your a precious gem like no other, lets stay together forever .
Sometimes ur pressure , but mostly ur a treasure.
I love spending time with u during leisure , your happiness knows no measure.
Whne u smile u brighten the weather , don’t know abt mother figure ,ur one huge figure if bother.
If I come home late , u will hit me and I will slither.
Ur smile is as long as river Nile,if u jump u will break the tile .
U and I,is like digestive system and bile.
Your like a flower, an open book without a cover.
After walking u take a shower, and become my dad beautifull lover .
Ur not as tall as networks tower,when u pinch me ur nail has so much power.
This poem has become way too long so, let us put an end to this show.