Bug Poems

They can be creepy and crawly, but like the rest of us, bugs have their place in the world. This page is dedicated to all of those crazy critters of the insect world. There will be bug poems for every occasion and if you know of any that you think would be a great addition please let us know! We’re always adding and updating. 🙂

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I am a Bee Book for Children
Wilford and Blue the Sheep that Cried Wolf Book for children

How Doth the Little Busy Bee by Isaac Watts
The Teachings of a Snail by Willameena
The Butterfly by Margaret Rose
The Butterfly and the Bee by William Lisle Bowles
Bumble-Bee by Unknown Author
Ode to the Butterfly by Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Lady-Bug by Unknown Author
Meadow Talk by Carolyn Leslie
The Butterfly by Alice Freeman Palmer
Fireflies by Edgar Fawcett
The Snail by Vincent Bourne
The Boy, the Bee, and the Butterfly by Sarah Josepha Hale
The Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt
The Spider and the Centipede by Unknown Author
To a Butterfly by William Wordsworth
My Bees by Helen Hunt Jackson
The Night-Moth by Marion Couthouy Smith
The Grasshopper by Alfred Lord Tennyson
To an Insect by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Grasshopper by Abraham Cowly
Bee by Emily Dickinson
The Humble Bee by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Bumble Bee by Laura E. Richards
The Cricket’s Story by Emma Huntington Nason
Sea-Butterflies by Carolyn Wells
The Housekeeper by Vincent Bourne
To a Cricket by William Bennett
A was an Ant by Edward Lear
To the Grasshopper and the Cricket by Leigh Hunt
Lions and Ants by Walt Mason
The Caterpillar by Robert Graves
The Butterfly’s Ball by William Roscoe
Butterflies are Pretty Things by Eliza Follen
Butterfly by Leroy F. Jackson
Chant to the Fire-fly, A Native American Poem
Nursery Rhymes for the Tender Hearted by Chris Morley
Exploring the Pantry Shelf by Chris Morley
The Last Cricket by Chris Morley
Butterfly by Leroy F. Jackson
Oh, Said the Worm by Leroy F. Jackson
A Beetle Sat on a Barberry Twig by Leroy F. Jackson
To a Gnat by Samuel Rogers
To a Butterfly by Samuel Rogers
The Ant and the Cricket by Unknown Author
Fuzzy Caterpillar by Emilie Poulsson
Butterflies by Alfred Noyes
White Butterflies by Algernon Charles Swinburne
A Child’s Fancy by Frank Dempster Sherman
Cricket on the Hearth by Clara Doty Bates
Away Went the Piece of Bread by Unknown Author
Winter Fire-Flies by W. N. Clarke
The Butterfly Chase Ellis Gray
Fire-Fly by Evelyn Stein
A Butterfly by C. V. Riley
And Why by Margaret Eytinge
Butterfly Wisdom by Unknown Author
Little Snail by Hilda Conkling
Three Bugs by Alice Cary
Tom Cricket William Allingham
The Snail and the Mouse by Laura E. Richards
Snail’s Pace by Aileen Fisher
Down in the Hallow by Aileen Fisher
Tell Me Little Woodworm by Spike Milligan
To A Bee by Maude Keary
Bugs by Marianne Scarfe
“Hurt No Living Thing” by Christina Rossetti
Cobwebs by Edith L. M. King

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