Famous Poets

This page is dedicated to some of the most celebrated writers of poetry. We’ve gathered information and a picture (if we can find one ) on many poets and we’ve linked to their works that can be found on this site. We’ve included the famous and the “should be” famous. As always we will continually be adding more talented Poets. The page is in Alphabetical order by the last name for an easier search.

Alphabet book for kids

Belloc, Hilaire
Carroll, Lewis
Child, Lydia, Maria
Cullen, Countee
Field, Eugene
Davies, Mary, Carolyn
De La Mare, Walter
Dickinson, Emily
Hale, Sarah, Josepha
Longfellow, Henry, Wadsworth
Richards, Laura, E.
Rossetti, Christina
Sangster, Elizabeth, Margaret
Stevenson, Robert, Louis
Swinburne, Charles, Algernon
Wilcox, Wheeler, Ella