Tongue Twisters And Riddles

Tongue twisters are lots of fun and a good way to practice articulating words. They definitely have their own place in the wonderful world of poetry, and that’s why this page is dedicated to the tangliest of tongue twisters. We’ve also added riddles to exercise the mind. If you have a tongue twister or a riddle that you’d like to see added, let us know through the contact us page.

A Funny Book to Make Kids Laugh

Wilford and Blue Kite Calamity Book For Kids

Tongue Twisters

Weather by Unknown Author
Twist by Unknown Author
As I Walked by Myself by Unknown Author
Peter Piper by Unknown Author
An Old Oxford Ox by Unknown Author
The Tutor by Carolyn Wells
Sally Sells Sea-Shells by Unknown Author
Betty Botter by Unknown Author
Billy Button by Unknown Author
Theophilus Thistle by Unknown Author
Moses by Unknown Author


A Riddle by William Allingham
Walks, Talks, Sleeps, Eats
White Horses
A Deep Riddle
A Life Span
A Poem of Riddles by Christina Rossetti
What are Heavy by Christina Rossetti
A Riddle by Christina Rossetti
A Riddle by Unknown Author
In Marble Walls by Unknown Author

Wilford and Blue Mud Madness
Wilford and Blue Kite Calamity book for Children
Wilford and Blue Be My Valentine