Dog Poems

We had to have a page dedicated to human kind’s best friend, the dog. Below are some wonderful dog poems for kids. As always we will continue to add more dog poetry. If you know of other dog poems for kids that you feel would be a great addition here, please contact us and let us know.

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Almost too precious for words, dogs are so important in many people’s lives, but poetry has the power to capture the sweet perfection of our canine friends. For thousands of years dogs have befriended human kind, living together like family. As artists have drawn, painted and sculpted the dogs they love and admire, so poets have honored in words the world’s favorite furry pal. And so there is an entire section devoted to dog poems for kids.

Dogs have helped people hunt and put food on the table in times when grocery stores weren’t around. And although life has changed and finding food isn’t such a struggle dogs still defend their homes and keep their loved ones safe as they’ve always done. In many cases parents have been able to depend on dogs to look out for their children and also entertain them with all sorts of fun and play.

When times get lonely or a person feels low, a cold wet nose with a big sloppy lick can always brighten up even the darkest moments. Human relationships can get complicated and overwhelming but the simplicity of having a best friend as a dog fills the void and heals life’s wounds.

In this poetry collection of dog poems for kids, you’ll find dogs that make you laugh and moments with pups that make you cry. There’s a poem written about ‘what makes the dog’s nose cold’ by Margaret Eytinge where this classic poet takes the dog all the way back to the beginning of biblical times, or the poem The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat by Eugene Field where a cat and dog get into quite a nasty but funny spat a poem that is sure to have kids laughing. The writer of the wonderful children’s book Winnie the Pooh, A.A Milne not only loved bears, he also loved dogs as you can tell in his poem Puppy and I where after a lot of running into different people and creatures a man finds true friendship in a dog.

Some people don’t have the time or space to have a dog in their life but can still experience, the love, loyalty and devotion through the poems that devoted owners write about their beloved dogs. And for those kids who have always longed to have a dog for a pet but aren’t able to, reading poems about dogs and maybe even learning to write their own can be the next best thing.

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