Poems For Young Children

Below you’ll find poems for young children, a wonderful start to introducing little ones to the wonderful world of poetry. There are nursery rhymes and simple verse to make it easier for younger kids to stay engaged. Short poems are a great way to introduce toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade level learners to reading. With a small amount of words that create a vivid image, kiddos can see the power of words through poetry.

I Am a Bee Book for Children
I Am Spring-Seasons Book for Children
Wilford and Blue the Sheep that Cried Wolf Book for children

Spring Is Here by Unknown Author
Kite by Unknown Author
The Picnic by Dorothy Aldis
Mix a Pancake by Christina Rossetti
My Garden by George Cooper
Baby’s Baking by Evaleen Stein
Months by Unknown Author
The Park by James S. Tippett
Night Sky by Unknown Author
A Baby-Sermon by George MacDonald
Baby Doll by Mother Goose
The Little Plant by Kate L. Brown
A Wee Little Worm by James Whitcomb Riley
Out of Doors by Unknown Author
Showers by Marchette Chute
If by Unknown Author
The Porcupine by Ogden Nash
The Little Turtle by Vachel Lindsay
What It Was by Malcolm Douglas
A Song For Baby by G. Cooper
Buttercup by Dolly Radford
Rather Bashful by Unknown Author
What Are Little Boys Made Of by Mother Goose
Simple Simon by Unknown Author
A Candle, A Candle by Leroy F. Jackson
I’m Much Too Big For a Fairy by Leroy F. Jackson
What Makes You Laugh? by Leroy F. Jackson
Snowflakes by Leroy F. Jackson
Oh, Said the Worm by Leroy F. Jackson
My Cat Is Fat by James McDonald
The Horse’s Tail by James McDonald
Six Weeks Old by Christopher Morley
Star Light, Star Bright by Unknown Author
A Child’s Prayer by M. Betham Edwards
Caterpillar by Christina Rossetti
The Crocodile by Lewis Carroll
Mice by Rose Fylman
Lion by Hilaire Belloc

The Mouse’s Lullaby by Palmer Cox
Keep a Poem in Your Pocket by Beatrice Schenck De Regniers
My Wooden Horse by Rebecca Anne
Puppy Goops by Gelette Burgess
Dear Little Violets by John Moultrie
The Independent Kite by Mary Carolyn Davies
What Does Little Birdie Say? Lord Alfred Tennyson
A Thought by Oliver Herford
The Selfish Sea by Mary Carolyn Davies
A Book by Mary Carolyn Davies
The Little Plant by Emilie Poulsson
Piggie Wigg and Piggie Wee by Emilie Poulsson
The Mice by Emilie Poulsson
Counting by Emilie Poulsson
Hiddy Diddy by Unknown Author
The Puncture by Oliver Herford
AEIOU by Jonathan Swift
Fire-Fly by Evelyn Stein
Daffodils by P.A. Ropes
The Rain by Unknown Author
Two Little Blackbirds by Unknown Author
Little Clotilda by Unknown Author
Queen Bee by Mary K. Robinson
A Tug-of-War by M. M. Hutchinson
The Sea by Unknown Author
A Proverb by Unknown Author
A Proverb 2 by Unknown Author
The First Tooth by Mary and Charles Lamb
Blueberrying by Marian Douglas
First Snow by Marie Louise Allen
Little Bo Peep by Mother Goose
How the Sheep Found Bo-Peep by Dora Burnside
Pull the Weeds by M. McKee
Days of the Week by Unknown Author
Picking Berries by Margaret Sangster
The Johnny Cake by Unknown Author
Tit for Tat by Mary Brine
The Little Mother by Unknown Author
Who Likes the Rain? by Unknown Author
The Balloon Seller by Elizabeth Flemming
Sea Shell by Amy Lowell
Mud by Polly Chase Boyden
Chance by Kate Greenaway
The Painted Ceiling by Amy Lowell
Higglety Pigglety by Samuel Goodrich
Hiding by Dorothy Aldis
The Chickens by Unknown Author
The Very Nicest Place by Unknown Author
Swing Song by William Allingham
Davy Dumpling by Unknown Author
Twilight by Maude Keary
Ten Fingers by Unknown Author
Here All We See by Walter de la Mare
The Little Jumping Girls by Kate Greenaway
There Was a Little Dog by Unknown Author
Lemons and Apples by Mary Neville
The Four Winds by Unknown Author
Reading by Marchette Chute
Jump or Jiggle by Evelyn Beyer
Four Seasons by Unknown Author
Spring Wind by Unknown Author
I Have to Have It by Dorothy Aldis
Singing by Robert Louis Stevenson
Woodpecker in Disguise by Grace Taber Hallock
Rain by Robert Louis Stevenson
Day’s End by Henry Newbolt
Indifference by Unknown Author
Trees by Sara Coleridge
The Elephant’s Trunk by Unknown Author
To a Bee by Maude Keary
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear by Unknown Author
Little Things by Julia A. Carney
My Little Brother by Unknown Author
Taking Turns by Norma Farber
Happiness by A. A. Milne
“Hurt No Living Thing” by Christina Rossetti

Wilford and Blue Funny Book for young Kids
I Am the Alphabet-ABC Book for children for learning letters
You Soy el Alfabeto
Spanish Alphabet for Kids