Family Poems

Family is a foundation in the lives of many, especially children. On this page we’ve gathered poetry with a familial theme. Families come in all different shapes, sizes, and constructs. Whatever the circumstance, being surrounded by the love and devotion of a committed family is one of life’s greatest gifts. Family poems come from the heart. We’ll be continuing to look for poetry that describes, encourages, celebrates, and encompasses anything to do with relatives. And as always, all poems will be kid friendly.

I Am Earth An Earth Day Book for Children
Wilford and Blue Paddy's Day Pincher-St. Patrick's Day Book for Children

A Very Odd Fish by D’arcy Wentworth Thompson
Little by Dorothy Aldis
Daddy Fell in the Pond by Alfred Noyes
A Mother’s Poem by James McDonald
Go Cart by Kate Greenaway

Bo the Bear Builds’ Books for Kids-Who Love Building

Bo the Bear Builds Book Series for Kids
Bo the Bear Builds Series for Kids