Friendship Poems

Happiness is truly family and friends. This page is dedicated to all of the friendships out there that make the world a better place by just existing. What better way to appreciate our dearest friends than through the beauty and power of poetry. Like every other page on this site, we will be constantly adding new poetry, and as always all poems are specially picked for kids of all ages. If you have any in particular you’d like to see added, please let us know.

Book about teamwork for kids
An Operation of Cooperation – A Story in Verse About Getting Along

A Friend of Two by Wilbur D. Nesbit
Confide in a Friend by Unknown Author
Friendship 2 by Unknown Author
Friendship by Unknown Author
Fellowship by Unknown Author
Love by Erich Fried
New Friends and Old Friends by Joseph Parry
Millions of Strawberries by Genevieve Taggard
The Kindly Neighbor by Edgar Guest
Chums by J.W. Foley

Wilford and Blue Halloween Hysteria
A Funny Halloween Book for Children

I Have Some Friends by Robert Service
The Joy of Being Poor by Robert Service
We Were Boys Together by George P. Morris
I’m With You Once Again by George P. Morris
My Three Friends by William Allen White
Autumn by William James Jones
Gentle Friends by Unknown Author
Child’s Song by Thomas Moore
When You and I Grow up by Kate Greenaway
I Would Like You For a Comrade by Edward Abbott Parry
There Is Always a Place for You by Anne Campbell

Teach Young Children about Science with the Nonfiction Book Series I Am Learning

I Am A Bee Book
I Am a Frog Book
I Am Spring Book