Horse Poems

Some of the greatest horse poems for kids can be found on this web page. We have gathered unique poetry celebrating the horse in all of its glory. If you know of other horse poems for kids that you feel would be a good addition here, please contact us and let us know.

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Wilford and Blue First Day of School Book

The High Horse by Carolyn Wells
White Horses by Irene F. Pawsey
The Horseman by Walter de la Mare
My Pony by Unknown Author
Tommy’s Three Horses by Unknown Author
Horse by Edward Lear
Horse and Flea by Unknown Author
My Wooden Horse by Rebecca Anne
The Deacon’s Masterpiece
The Ballad Of The White Horse
The Horse’s Tail
How The Old Horse Won The Bet
The Fly-Away Horse
The Willing Horse by Edgar Guest
Upon The Horse And His Rider
The Discontented Horse
The Council of Horses
White Horses by Rudyard Kipling
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
Horse, Dog And Man by S.E. Kiser
Horse Poems
The Old Horse in the City by Vachel Lindsay
Horse by Elizabeth Madox Roberts
The Riders by Mary Carolyn Davies
The Iron Horse by James Whitcomb Riley
The Horses of the Sea by Christina Rossetti
Horse Rhymes by Unknown Author
The Blood Horse by Bryan Waller Procter
Say This of Horses by Minnie Hite Moody
The Stallion by Walt Whitman
Colts by Unknown Author
The Horse by William Shakespeare
The Horse by Unknown Author
Hobby Horse by Unknown Author
Hersey Horsey by Unknown Author
Dappledun by Phoebe Cary
The Horse by James Stephens
The Evening Is Coming by Unknown Author
The Horse and the Mule by John Wynne

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The majesty of the horse has been depicted in art from the beginning and is still honored today as one of the incredible beauties of the world. And as paint captures the amazing strength of the horse, poets have used words to describe that enduring magnificence that defines the horse.

Kings have ridden into battle on the back of a royal steed and peasants have plowed fields with a faithful old mare. Up until the turn of the 20th century horses were the main way people traveled to any destination close or far. Horses have been an integral part of the evolution of human society so it makes sense that they would be represented in the fabric of culture ranging from images to poetry.

In this collection of Horse Poems for kids you’ll find not only horses of every color but a love and fascination that extends from one end of the earth to the other. Work horses, stallions, mares and ponies alike poets have written in honor of this amazing hoofed, long tailed equine creature since poetry’s beginning. The diversity in poems are as diverse as the horses themselves, encompassing humor, fear, happiness, sadness, pride, strength, loss and most of all imagination.

Christina Rossetti captures the grace of horses in her poem The Horses of the Sea with metaphor of foaming crests racing onto land shaped in the form of a horse. And what about Eugene Field’s Fly-Away Horse where a wispy horse made of clouds gallops around the moon and stars. Or read and imagine riding on the back of a strong stallion through the deep deserts of the Middle East in James Whitcomb Riley’s poem Iron Horse. The possibilities are endless with poetry.

In today’s fast paced society, horses aren’t the integral part of the community that they used to be, but the enduring share they have contributed in the comfort, friendship and advancement, lives on in the many poems written in honor of the great majesty of the horse.