Mother’s Day Poems

This page is dedicated to all of those wonderful moms out there who work so hard but aren’t always recognized for all that they do! Many poets have written beautiful poetry that represents their love and appreciation of the women in their lives. Kids can read and learn and maybe even write some verse or rhyme of their own in honor of this important holiday celebrating Mother. What better way to dedicate a moment to mama than with words from the heart.

Valentine's Day Book for Children

A Mother’s Day Poem by James McDonald
High-Heeled Shoes by Kate Cox Goddard
Mother O’ Mine by Rudyard Kipling
Mother’s Day by Edgar Guest
Mother’s Way by Amos R. Wells
The Christmas Gift for Mother by Edgar Guest
The Harder Part by Edgar Guest
Motherhood by Edgar Guest
Rock Me to Sleep by Elizabeth Akers
Mother’s Sweet Kiss by Sarah Josepha Hale
A Wonderful Mother by Pat O’ Reilly
Old Mothers by Charles Ross
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle by William Ross Wallace
The Reading Mother by Gillian Strickland
The Mother by Robert Service
His Mother’s Song by Unknown Author
A Mother’s Kiss by Francis Watkins
A Mother’s Prayer by Mary Horsford
A Mother’s Hope by Samuel Blanchard
Only One by George Cooper
Mother’s Face by Eben Rexford
The Little Mother by Unknown Author
Song For My Mother by Anna Hempstead Branch
A Lesson For Mamma by Sydney Dayre
Mothers by Marianne Scarfe
Mother and I by Eugene Field

A Family Poetry Book for Kids that Celebrates the Bond of Mother and Child

Rainy Day Poems Poetry Book for Kids