Cultural Poems for Kids

Wilford and Blue Kite Calamity Funny Book for Kids

Culture defines us. Even in a foreign country, people feel a little more at home with small celebrations of their own culture. Culture represents language, religion, architecture, tradition, art, and the written word. Below is a collection of poetry from many different cultures from around the world, old and new. Visit other cultures through their words and as usual if you have any poems that you think would go well on this page, let us know. 🙂

I Am the Solar System-Astronomy Book for Children

Where the West Begins
The Concord Hymn
The Tapestry Weavers
The Rivers of France
Leedle Yawcob Strauss
The Leap of Roushan Beg
Each In His Own Tongue
A Perfect Day
The Cow-Boy’s Song
Mother’s Song to a Baby
She Will Gather Roses
Rabbi Ben Ezra
The Song of the Shirt
Song of the Chattahoochee
Old Meg
Auld Daddy Darkness by James Ferguson
The Gray Owl by Unknown Author
Birth of a Song by Unknown Author
Assured by Alexander Posey
Lullaby of an Infant Chief
Chant to the Fire-fly
Old Gaelic Lullaby Unknown Author
Dragon of the Black Pool A Chinese Poem

I Am Earth An Earth Day Book for Children
An Earth Day Book for Children
I Am Moon Book for Kids
I Am Sun-Astronomy Book for Children