Funny Poems For Kids

There’s no better medicine in the world than a good laugh. Below are poems with laughing lyrics, or poetry that tells funny stories, or you might even find a tongue twister or two. The goal is to giggle. 🙂 Like every other page on this site, we will be constantly adding new poems. If you have any you’d like to see added, please let us know.

For children in preschool and kindergarten, at the very beginning stage of learning to read and write, I Am the Alphabet teaches important core concepts for success: What is the alphabet and why is it important? Curious kids want to know.

A world of laughter, a world of tears, this section of Rainy Day poems focuses on funny poems that make us smile or giggle. There are long and short, complicated and simple but always lighthearted with a comical air to them. Children will likely find a favorite and want to read it again and again.

In the Teachings of a Snail by contemporary poet Willameena, a snail sits on the reader’s shoulder and tells about numbers in order and then things get even sillier. Don’t ponder life to in-depthly, it might trip you up, like in the poem Perils of Thinking by an unknown author. A centipede contemplates which foot begins walking first and then can’t get its feet waking properly at all.

Hip, Hip Hurrah! “Laugh and the World laughs with you! Weep and you weep alone,” so says famous poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and on this page of poetry we really take that to heart. There’s short poems like The Purple Cow by Gelette Burgess where four lines will cause a smile or long poems like The Mad Gardener’s Song by Lewis Carroll where nine stanzas tell quite a funny story of silly happenings with an elephant, buffalo and albatross.

Whether it’s for a school project or to be part of Read a Poem a Day to a child, kids will benefit from poems that set out to make them laugh. Happiness is contagious! Be daring and add to the fun by writing a funny poem and submitting it to the poetry submissions area of the site or share a favorite funny poem with someone that needs a good laugh.