The Teachings of a Snail by Willameena

The snail that sat upon your shoulder it whispered to you number order.
If two is three and three is two then one is five and you look blue.
“Do you not enjoy this game?” The snail looked to you as it asked in vain.
The game of numbers is one we play by seeing things most every day.
Down is up and left is right then four is eight and nine is five.
But one was five I thought you said?
“Shut your mouth or you’ll end up dead!”
The snail continued his nonsense game of numbers, words and silly things.
The root of ten is thirty four but wait, then what’s the root or thirty four?
The crooning of his awful voice’s enough to make your skull so ache.
“Wait, stop! Do set me down!” The snail cried out as you swung him round.
And off he flew into the water where a fish poked out and thanked you for supper.

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