Animal Poems

This page is going to be like one big zoo with all different types of animals represented. Poetry can paint amazing visual images so sit back in the privacy of your own home and have a magical trip to the poetic zoo! As always we will be adding to this page so if you have any poems that you think belong in this animal section please let us know.

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Wilford and Blue First Day of School Book

The Sloth by Theodore Roethke
The Lamb by William Blake
The Tyger by William Blake
The Porcupine by Ogden Nash
The Little Turtle by Vachel Lindsay
The Crocodile by Louis Carroll
Precocious Pig by Thomas Hood
The Three Little Pigs by Alfred Scott Gatty
Two Little Pigs by Unknown Author
Poor Man’s Pig by Edmund Blunden
The Erratic Rat by Carolyn Wells

The Gentleman In Grey by Emily Miller
Lemur by Unknown Author
Kindness to Animals by J. Ashby Sterry
Mice by Rose Fylman
A Squeak by Feta F.
Purple Cow by Gelette Burgess
Brother and Sister Beaver by Unknown Author
Mirror for Myself by Roger Wescott
The Squirrel by Emily Dickinson
A Family of Squirrels by Dora Goodale
To a Squirrel by William Butler Yeats
The Frog by Hilaire Belloc
How the Sheep Found Bo-Peep by Dora Burnside
Wild Beasts by Evaleen Stein
The Cow by Unknown Author
The Cow by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Pasture by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Sheep by Unknown Author
How to Know the Wild Animals by Carolyn Wells
Rooster by Chanticleer
Fox and Raven by La Fountaine
Bunny Rabbit by Unknown Author
The Rabbit by Edith King
The Hedgehog by Edith King
The Mole by Edith King
White Seal by Rudyard Kipling
Holding Hands by Lenore M. Link
An Elephant’s Trunk by Unknown Author
The Wolf by Georgia Roberts Durston
Rabbit by Georgia Roberts Durston
Beasts and Birds by Adelaide O’Keeffe
The Donkey by G. K. Chesterton
What Became of them? by Unknown Author
Jump or Jiggle by Evelyn Beyer
The Mouse’s Lullaby by Palmer Cox
The Lion by Hilaire Belloc

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