Unicorn Poems

This is a page dedicated to the wild, magical beast, the unicorn. Come visit the enchanted forest of poetry where imagination runs wild and unicorns are king! We will be constantly adding new poems and stories. If you have any you’d like to see added, please let us know.

Read the Story in Verse: The Little Unicorn That Had No Horn.

Unicorn Poems

The Unicorn and the Lion by Lewis Carroll
The Great White Unicorn by Becca
The Unicorn Is Noble by Unknown Author
The Unicorn by Ella Young

We gave the unique and imaginative charm of the unicorn its own section. Was it a shadowy night in the woods where a wild horse might have been glimpsed with a branch that looked like a horn on top of his head or was there at one time in history an actual horned horse grazing in the forests. Whether real or fictitious, the unicorn is immortalized in our minds as the magic horse in the fantasy and enchanted realms of all literature, song, poetry and even film.

In pop culture the unicorn comes and goes and, in 2015 up came the horned horse again. Stories and toys were everywhere. A favorite on Rainy Day Poems is The Little Unicorn that Had no Horn where the reader gets to visit an enchanted forest and follow along with a mother and baby unicorn, as the little unicorn wants to grown up too fast the mother offers some wonderful words of wisdom that only mothers can.

In our Unicorn Poems section Lewis Carroll tells about a fight for the crown between the king of beasts in the real world and the king of beasts in fantasy world in The Unicorn and the Lion. The short poem The Great White Unicorn is perfect for little kids just beginning to use their imagination and an easy and engaging way to build an interest in reading. Kids can read of a fleeting glance in the enchanted forest of a unicorn prancing under the pale moon in the poem The Unicorn.

Close your eyes and imagine riding on the back of the majestic unicorn. Lean around and see beyond its pointed horn. Read and imagine through poetry or create your own. On the Submit Your Poem page, kids can explore writing their own poems and share with other poetry lovers. Read a poem a day to a child and start a lifelong tradition.