Holiday Poems For Kids

Below is poetry written about different holidays. Each special day of celebration has its own section. There are also poems that we think represent the spirit of the different days of festivity. We start with Christmas, and move on to Thanksgiving, Halloween and on through the months. So, set back with a hot cup of cocoa (if it’s winter) or a cold glass of lemonade (if it’s summer), and enjoy an enchanted journey through the poetic festival with the page-turning power of rhyme and verse.

I Am Spring-Seasons Book for Children
Wilford and Blue the Sheep that Cried Wolf Book for children
I Am a Bee Book for Children

Table of Contents for Holiday Poems for Kids

Christmas Poems
Thanksgiving Poems
Halloween Poems
Columbus Day
New Year’s Poems
Valentine’s Day Poems
St. Patrick’s Day Poems
Easter Poems
May Day Poems
Fourth of July Poems
Mother’s Day Poems
Father’s Day Poems
Earth Day Poems

Christmas Poems

A Christmas Question by Wolstan Dixley
The Snowman’s Resolution Aileen Fisher
Mincemeat by Elizabeth Gould
Santa Claus by Unknown Author
Christmas Is Coming by Unknown Author
A Visit From St. Nicholas by Clement Clark Moore
A Christmas Wish by Eugene Field
A Christmas Thought by Lucie Larcom
A Gentle Reminder by Alice W. Rollins
A Letter From Santa by William Howard
A Message by Ella M. Powers
Kriss Kringle by Susie M. Best
My Christmas Secrets by S.C. Peabody
Santa Claus’s Visit by Susie M. Best
Santa’s Helpers by Nora Boylan
The Mousie by M. N. B.
A Christmas Carol by Christina Rossetti
The Goblin’s Christmas by Elizabeth Anderson
Christmas Fairies by Unknown Author
Beneath The Wintry Sky by Unknown Author
Neath the Mistletoe by J. Ashby Sterry
Merry Christmas by Unknown Author
From A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
St. Nicholas by Horatio Alger Jr.
Old Winter by Palmer Cox
Taste by Ring W. Lardner
Hie For Christmas by Unknown Author
Christmas Rose by Lizzie Lawson
Christmas Gifts by Carolyn Wells
Christmas Chimes by Unknown Author
The Holidays by Ann and Jane Taylor
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
If I Were Santa’s Little Boy by Mary Carolyn Davies
A Child’s Thoughts On Christmas Day by Sydney Dayre
Christmas Child Tells a Story by Nancy Byrd Turner
The Brownie’s Xmas by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Old King Winter by Anne E. Skinner
The Christmas Ball by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Snow Song by Dempster Sherman
Silver Bells Hamish Hendry
The Willow Man by Juliana Horatia Ewing
Christmas Everywhere by Phillips Brooks
Jest ‘Fore Christmas by Eugene Field
The Bells by Edgar Allen Poe
Christmas Eve by Christopher Morley
Being Dad on Christmas Eve by Edgar Guest
Christmas Tears by Henry Van Dyke
The Christmas Gift for Mother by Edgar Guest
Christmas Song by Lydia Ward
December by Dolly Radford
The Snow-Man by Mariann Douglas
The Christmas Tree Charles Burleigh
Pine Tree Song by Marjorie Barrows
A Christmas Long Ago by Unknown Author
The Two Little Stockings by Sara Keables Hunt
Christmas at Melrose by Leslie Pinckney Hill
A Christmas Carol by G. K. Chesterton

Thanksgiving Poems

Grand’ther Baldwin’s Thanksgiving by Horatio Alger Jr.
Merry Autumn by Paul Lawerence Dunbar
Thanksgiving Day by Lydia Maria Child
Thanksgiving Day by Carolyn Wells
After Thanksgiving Dinner, An Echo by Mr. Swinburne
Giving Thanks by Unknown Author
From November by Nancy Byrd Turner
Thanksgiving by James Whitcomb Riley
Thanksgiving by Edgar Guest
The Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving by Edgar Guest
A Good Thanksgiving by Anne Robinson

Snuggles Stories Read Aloud

Wilford and Blue Halloween Hysteria
A Funny Halloween Book for Children

Halloween Poems

Shadow March by Robert Louis Stevenson
Signs of Rain by E. Jenner
Windy Nights by Robert Louis Stevenson
Babylon by Robert Louis Stevenson
Our Little Ghost by Louisa May Alcott
The Ride by Walter de la Mare
I Saw Three Witches by Walter de la Mare
Some One by Walter de la Mare
The Witches Chant by William Shakespeare
Ghost House by Robert Frost
Black and Gold by Nancy Byrd Turner
The Night Wind by Eugene Field
Haunted by Louis Untermeyer
The Listeners by Walter de la Mare
Eein’ Things by Eugene Field
Fog Wraiths by Mildred Howells
The House of Silence by Thomas Hardy
The Little Ghost by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Witch-Wife by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Witchery by Frank Dempster Sherman
Wraith by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Witch, Witch by Rose Fyleman
A Halloween Memory by Christopher Morley
The Witch by Percy H. Ilott
The Hag by Robert Herrick
Ghost Fairies by Frank Dempster Sherman

New Year’s Poems

Glad the New Year by Mary Mapes Dodge
The New Year by Celia Thaxter
The Queen of the New Year by Edna Dean Proctor
A New Year by Dora Sigerson Shorter
The New Year by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
Welcome to the New Year by Eleanor Farjeon
The Old Year and the New by James Whitcomb Riley
For the New Year by Anna Maria Wells
Ring Out, Wild Bells by Alfred Tennyson
The Child and the Year by Celia Thaxter
The Death of the Old Year by Alfred Tennyson
A New Year’s Wish from Rainy Day Poems
A Message for the Year by Elizabeth Clarke Hardy

Valentine’s Day Poems

Wilford and Blue Be My Valentine

Cupid by William Blake
The Weeping Cupid by Dora Sigerson Shorter
A Valentine by Laura E. Richards
Cupid Stung by Thomas Moore
Grandpa’s Valentine by Laura E. Richards
Two Little Valentines by Laura E. Richards
Cupid Drowned by Leigh Hunt
Valentine by C.W.T
A Valentine For Baby by Mary E. Wilkens Freeman
Cupid and My Campasbe by John Lyly
A Valentine by Eugene Field
A Valentine by Unknown Author
Somewhere by John Vance Cheney

St. Patrick’s Day Poems

Wilford and Blue Paddy's Day Pincher-St. Patrick's Day Book for Children

The Birth of Saint Patrick by Samuel Lover
I’ll Wear a Shamrock by Mary Carolyn Davies
The Four Leaf Clover by Ella Higginson

Easter Poems

Wilford And Blue Easter and the Lost Sheep book for children

The Easter Hen by Laura E. Richards
Easter by Laura Richards
Easter Eggs by Clara W. Raymond
Easter Eggs by Evelyn Stein
An Egg for Easter by Irene F. Pawsey
When Mary Thro’ the Garden Went by Mary Coleridge
The Drummer by Anne Robinson
Awakening by Margaret E. Sangster
Easter by Hilda Conkling

May Day Poems

May Day by Laura Teasdale

Columbus Day Poems

Columbus by Helen L. Smith

Fourth of July Poems

Young America by Carolyn Wells
The Fourth of July by Carolyn Wells
The Eve of the Glorius Fourth by Laura E. Richards
The Brownies’ Fourth of July by Palmer Cox
America by S.F. Smith
Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key
July the Fourth by Edgar Guest
Liberty Tree by Thomas Paine

Mother’s Day Poems
Father’s Day Poems
Earth Day Poems

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Bo the Bear Builds Book Series for Kids
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