Kriss Kringle by Susie M. Best

If there’s any one here who ever has seen
The face of Kriss Kringle, I’ll think he is mean
If he is not willing at once to arise
And tell the real color and shape of his eyes!

Somehow I much doubt if the gentleman looks
Like the pictures we see in the shops and the books.
I’ve a sort of a notion we’d all be surprised
If we suddenly saw him, by day, undisguised!

Is he big, is he little, is he young, is he old?
There are some things, I know, that can’t always be told,
But I’d much like to know why it is he must keep
Himself hidden securely till we are asleep?

I’ve made up my mind that I’m going to watch,
And see if I cannot by any means catch
One glimpse of his face as he comes down the flue,
And if I succeed I’ll describe him to you!