The New Year by Celia Thaxter

The snow lies still and white,
At the gate of the glad New Year,
Whose face with hope is bright
Though the wintry world is drear.

She smiles with welcome sweet,
She speaks in accents mild;
Enter with willing feet
And the hear of a little child.

So shall you treasures find
Better than lands or gold,
Friends that are true and kind,
Love that is wealth untold.

Humbly my lessons learn,
So shall you wisdom gain
Deep peace your soul shall earn
Through the discipline of pain.

Hark to the New Year’s voice
With its promise of hope and cheer!
Courage, brave hearts, rejoice!
For God is always near.

Skies may be dark with storm,
While fierce the north wind blows,
Yet earth at heart is warm,
And the snowdrift hides the rose.

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