Father’s Day Poems

This page is dedicated to all of the dads out there who try hard for their children everyday. What better way to appreciate dad than through the beauty and power of poetry. There are rhymes from sons and daughters who tell of the wonderful lessons and care provided by devoted pops through the years.

Wilford and Blue Kite Calamity Funny Animal Book for Kids

Only a Dad by Edgar Guest
Father and Son by Edgar Guest
Father by Edgar Guest
His Pa by Edgar Guest
A Boy and His Dad by Edgar Guest
Daddy Fell Into the Pond by Alfred Noyes
When Papa was a Little Boy by E. A. Brininstool
When Father Carves the Duck by E.V. Wright
The Little Millionaire by Richard Whittington
Some Other Child by Maude Keary
The Fisherman’s Life by Unknown Author

I Am Earth An Earth Day Book for Children
An Earth Day Book for Children