Nature Poems

From mountaintop to riverbed, below is a wide range of poetry centered around nature for all ages, celebrating the earth and its diverse outdoor beauty. There are also rhymes and verse for the many different topics that cover the natural world. Something for everyone: younger children will find simple and short poems while older kids might appreciate a longer more complex type. We will continue to add new topics, and as always if there are poems that you think belong on this page please let us know:).

I Am a Bee Book for Children
An Earth Day Book for Children
I Am the Solar System-Astronomy Book for Children
Wilford and Blue First Day of School Book

Table of Contents for Nature Poems

Bird Poems
Weather Poems
Seasons Poems
Tree Poems
Sky Poems
Flower Poems
Ocean Poems
River and Stream Poems
Mountain Poems
Wind Poems
Purely Nature Poems

I am Spring book for kids
I Am a Frog-Science Book for Children
Wilford and Blue Mud Madness

Bird Poems

Grandpa Morgan And the Mud Puddle Mallards Of Beaverton Oregon
Two Little Blackbirds by Unknown Author
The Great Brown Owl by Jane E. Browne
Humming Birds by Betty Sage
The Swallow by Nathan Haskell Dole
Ducks’ Ditty by Kenneth Grahame
The Swallows by Dora Read Goodale
Treasure Trove by Olive Wadsworth
The Blue Bird’s Song by Emily Huntington Miller
Little Birdie by Alfred Tennyson
The Canary by Elizabeth Turner
The Nightingale and the Glow Worm by William Cowper
The Nightingale by R. Barnefield
Bird Bath by Evaleen Stein
Blackbird by William Ernest Henley
Robin’s Return by Edith M. Thomas
Wild Geese by Celia Thaxter
The Crow that the Crow Crowed by S. Conant Foster
The Linnet’s Fee by Annie A. Preston
Surprises by S. Doudney
The Sing-Away Bird by Lucy Larcom
The Hummingbird’s Nest by Dora Read Goodale
The Humming-bird by Harry Kemp
The Eagle by Lord Alfred Tennyson
The Rivals by James Stephens
The Swallow’s Nest by Edwin Arnold
Four Ducks on a Pond by William Allingham
The Ducks by Unknown Author
The Last Word of a Bluebird by Robert Frost
Like a Bird by Victor Hugo
I heard a Bird Sing by Oliver Herford
My Doves by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The Birds by William Carlos Williams
The Swan by Unknown Author
Buzzards by Martin Armstrong
The Oriole by Christine Moray
Little Robin Redbreast by Unknown Author
Little Marauder by Margaret Sangster
The Sandpiper and I by C. T. Cooper
The Eagle and The Raven by La Fontaine
The Heron by La Fontaine
Geese by Kate Greenaway
Woodpecker by Elizabeth Madox Roberts
Woodpecker in Disguise by Grace Taber Hallock
Blackfriars by Eleanor Farjeon
Don’t Kill the Birds by D. C. Colesworthy
The Vulture by Hilaire Belloc
Rooster by Chanticleer
Away Went the Piece of Bread by Unknown Author
The Swallows and the Robin by Unknown Author
Birds at Winter Nightfall by Thomas Hardy
What the Birds Say by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Wilford and Blue First Day of School Book

Weather Poems

The Rainy Day by James W. Whilt
The Rainy Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Snowflakes by Leroy F. Jackson
Rain by Edgar Fawcett
After Rain by Alfred Noyes
Rain Music by Joseph S. Cotter, Jr.
Rain by Robert Louis Stevenson
Merry Rain by Fleta Forrester
April Showers by Mary E. Wilkens
Jacky Frost by Laura E. Richards
Jack Frost by Gabriel Setoun
The Snowflake by Walter de la Mare
Wait by Dora Goodale
Rhyme by Elizabeth Coatsworth
The Snow Queen by Dollie Radford
First Snow by Marie Louise Allen
Dust of Snow by Robert Frost
Sleigh Ride by Laura E. Richards
Winter by William Shakespeare
The Weather by Unknown Author
Who Likes the Rain? by Unknown Author
Storm by Hilda Doolittle
Thunder Shower by Hilda Conkling
Showers by Marchette Chute
The Rain by Unknown Author
Rain Song by Evaleen Stein
Little Raindrops by Jane Browne
Snowdrops by Mary Vivian
Snow Song by Dempster Sherman

I Am Spring- Book about the Seasons for Children

Seasons Poems

Spring Is Here by Unknown Author
March Is Here By Lenore Hetrick
Spring Clouds by James McDonald
Spring by John Henry Kimble
Spring Song by Elaine
Spring Has Come by Unknown Author
The Beautiful Spring by George Cooper
A Song of Spring by Caroline A. Mason
Spring Song by Unknown Author
Spring of Spring by John Keats
Wishes by Mary Prescott
The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens
First Spring Morning by Robert Bridges
Spring by Robert Bridges
Spring and Summer by Dora Read Goodale
X by William E. Henley
April’s Sunbeam by Joy Allison
April Rain by Robert Loveman
The Day before April by Mary Carolyn Davies
Happy Fields of Summer by Lucy Larcom
Summer Is Coming by Dora Goodale
A Midsummer Day by George Cooper
June by Elaine
Summer Magic by Leslie Pinckney Hill
Winter Time by Robert Louis Stevenson
December Poem by Dollie Radford
Jack Frost by Celia Thaxter
Where? by Mary N. Prescott
November Morning Evaleen Stein
The Voice of Autumn by William Cullen Bryant
Leaves in Autumn by Unknown Author
Autumn by Florence Hoatson
Autumn by Thomas Ernest Hulme
Autumn by William James Jones
Merry Autumn by Paul Lawerence Dunbar
Spring Storm by William Carlos Williams
The Song of the Kettle by Marian Douglas
A Summer Morning Ramble by Samuel Goodrich
Summer Sun by Robert Louis Stevenson
Warm Summer Sun by Mark Twain
Seasons by William Allingham
Pleasant Changes by Jane Browne
Winter Night’s by Mary F. Butts
Old King Winter by Anna E. Skinner
Four Seasons by Unknown Author
Winter Morning by Ogden Nash
April! April! Are You Here? by Dora Read Goodale
Awakening by Margaret E. Sangster
The Circling Year by Ramona Graham
September by George Arnold
September Days by Helen L. Smith
Months by Unknown Author
Contentment by Mary N. Prescott
Mr. Scarecrow by Sheila Braine
June by John Updike

Tree Poems

Come Little Leaves by George Cooper
To An Oak by Samuel Rogers
Hill Pines by Robert Bridges
Trees by Sara Coleridge
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost
The Little Fir Trees by Evaleen Stein
Woodman, Spare that Tree by! by George Pope Morris
Under the Greenwood Tree by William Shakespeare
The Trees at Night by William Kerr
Cherries by Emily Miller
The Pumpkin and the Acorn by La Fontaine
The Thief by Irene F. Pawsey
Pine Tree Song by Marjorie Barrows
The Apple Howling Songs by Unknown Author
Under the Willow by Leroy F. Jackson
The Leaves by Unknown Author
Into the Forest I go by John Muir
The Call of the Woods by William Shakespeare
Imitation by Giacomo Leopardi

Sky Poems

The Clouds by Percy Bysshe Shelley
I’m Glad the Sky Is Painted Blue by Unknown Author
Upper Skies by Robert Bridges
To a Cloud by William Cullen Bryant
The Night Sky by Unknown Author
Sundown by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Clouds by Christina Rossetti
Night Sky by Unknown Author
Moonlight by Ann Hawkshawe
Above the Dock by Thomas Ernest Hulme
I Saw Two Clouds at Morning by John Gardiner Brainard

Flower Poems

Daisy Song by Grace Denio Littchfield
The Wild Flowers by Jessie Penniman
The Last Rose of Summer by Thomas Moore
Buttercups and Daisies by Mary Howitt
Buttercups by Dolly Radford
The Violet by Jane Taylor
Dandelion by Nellie M. Garabrant
Winged Seeds by Helen Gray Cone
The Daisy Follows Soft the Sun by Emily Dickenson
The Rose Beyond The wall by A. L. Fink
Au Vieux Jardin by Richard Aldington
Pull The Weeds by M. McKee
The Dandelion by Vachel Lindsay
Dandelion Down by Edith King
A Meadow Song by Elizabeth Davies
Blue Violets by Unknown Author
The Daisies by Kate Greenway
The Little Rose Tree by Rachel Field
My Garden by George Cooper
Dear Little Violets by John Moultrie
The Lavender Beds by William Brighty Rands

Ocean Poems

The Sea by Emily Dickinson
Dusky Shore by Robert Bridges
White Horses by Irene F. Pawsey
At the Sea-side by Robert Louis Stevenson
Sea Fever by John Mansfield
The Fathomless Deep by Unknown Author
Castles in the Sand by Dorothy Baker
A Life on the Ocean Wave by Epes Sargent
The Song of the Sea by Barry Cornwall
The Sea by Unknown Author
The Sea by Dolly Radford
Full Fathom Five by William Shakespeare
Below the Rocks Where Samphire Blows by Dolly Radford
Sea Lady Dancing by Unknown Author
By the Sea by D.B. McKean
Storm Dance by Fannie Stearns Davis
There Are Big Waves by Eleanor Farjeon
The Fisherman’s Life by Unknown Author
Sea Poppies by Hilda Doolittle
Beneath the Sea by Maude Keary
Sea Fever by John Masefield
Undersea by Marchette Chute
The Gallant Ship by Sir Walter Scott
The Selfish Sea by Mary Carolyn Davies

River and Stream Poems

The River by Emily Dickinson
The Brook by Alfred Tennyson
The Cataract of Lodore by Robert Southey
The Mountain Brook by Elizabeth Coatsworth
Mad River by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Willow Poem by William Carlos Williams
The Brook by Ellen Carhart
Water by Hilda Conkling
Dancing by ANG KUEI-FEI
Where Go the Boats by Robert Louis Stevenson
River, River by Maude Keary
Evening by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Mountain Poems

Snow-Capped Mountain by Hilda Conkling
The Mountains Are a Lonely Folk by Hamlin Garland
The Mountains and the Squirrel by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Mountain Speaks by Edna Dean Proctor

Wind Poems

The Wind in the Grass by Ralph W. Emerson
Windy Night by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Wild Wind by Clara W. Raymond
The Wind by Dorothy Wordsworth
The West Wind by William Cullen Bryant
Autumn’s Wind by Unknown Author
The Wind by Christina Rossetti
The Wind and the Moon by George Macdonald
The March Wind by Dolly Radford
The Soughing Wind by William Carlos Williams
The Wind by Edward Shanks
Flutter, Flutter by Mary Prescott
East Wind by Unknown Author
The Thief by Irene F. Pawsey
Wind by Amy Lowell
Little Wind by Kate Greenaway
Wind and the Leaves by Unknown Author
The Unknown Wind by Fiona Macleod
The Four Winds by Unknown Author
Spring Wind by Unknown Author
September Gale by O. W. Holmes
The Wind by Leroy F. Jackson
Search by Ezra Pound

Purely Nature Poems

Before Quiet by Hazel Hall
I Remember, I Remember by Thomas Hood
Evening West by Emily Dickinson
A Thousand Blended Notes by William Wordsworth
Last Rites by Christina Rossetti
Auguries of Innocence by William Blake
Blueberrying by Marian Douglas
My Garden by George Cooper
I Never Saw A Moor by Emily Dickinson
All That’s Past by Walter de la Mare
On Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Accordance of Nature by J. J. Whittier
Laughter by Olive Enoch
The Green Lady by Charlotte Druitt Cole
Witchery by Frank Dempster Sherman
Evening Calm by Kao Shih-chi
Little Garden by Beatrix Potter
The North Pole Story by Menella Bute Smedley
Spells by James Reeves
Pippa’s Song by Robert Browning
“Hurt No Living Thing” by Christina Rossetti
Waiting by John Burroughs
Night Goes Rushing by, by Hilda Conkling
There- and Back by Rodney Bennett
The Infinite by Giacomo Leopardi

I Am Earth An Earth Day Book for Children
An Earth Day Book for Children
I Am Moon Book for Kids
I Am Sun-Astronomy Book for Children