Daisy Song by Grace Denio Littchfield

I am only a plain little daisy-flower,
Sprung up at hap-hazard ‘neath sunshine and shower,
To live out as I may my life’s poor little hour,
Yet who is so happy as I?

Oh, the days they burn hot, and the nights they blow cold,
And the shadows and rains,—true they fall, manifold;
But my dress is all white, and my heart is pure gold,
And who is so happy as I?

There ‘s many a gladsomer meadow than mine,
Where greener trees shelter and softer suns shine
For others than me; but how can I repine,
For who is so happy as I?

There ‘s a brook I can’t see by that far-away beech,
And a bird that wont whistle, for all I beseech,
And stars are up yonder, quite out of my reach,
But who is so happy as I?

I just look up at Fate with my brave little face,
I stir from my post in no possible case,
And I keep my dress clean, my gold heart in its place,
And who is so happy as I?