Mary Carolyn Davies

Name: Mary Carolyn Davies
Occupation: Poet
Date of Birth: 1888
Place of Birth: Sprague, Washington, USA

Interesting fact:

Mary Carolyn Davies had poems published in many of the major magazines of the time.

Famous Poets Mary Carolyn Davies

About the Poet Mary Carolyn Davies:

Little is known about Mary Carolyn Davies not even her month of birth or date of death. She did however leave behind volumes of poetry and other writings. She lived in Portland, Oregon as a child and young woman and served as president of the Northwest Poetry Society. The image on this page is an illustration from one of Mary Carolyn Davies most famous books of Poetry for children, “A Little Freckled Person.”

After a painful divorce she moved to New York with a little over four dollars in her pocket and tried to make her way as a writer with little success. She ended up back in Portland where she served as president of two major literary organizations. Her poetry has been compared to Edna St. Vincent Millay.

At some point Ms. Davies made her way back to New York for a second time and was found, living in horrible conditions and extremely ill, by a poetry editor for an Oregon newspaper. Mary Carolyn Davies lived what seems a turbulent, up and ultimately down life. Her poetry is some of my favorite, very dear and beautifully written, and I felt it important to carry on what little is known about her mysterious life and death.

Poems by Mary Carolyn Davies:

The Lonesomest Fairy
The Homesick Star
‘Fraid Stars