The Homesick Star Mary Carolyn Davies

The candle stood beside my bed
And dropped a little tear;
I sat up, shivering, and said,
“I know you’re lonesome here;

“You’d rather have the sky than me;
You’ve been too kind by far
To say so. Now I’ve guessed, you see,
That you’re a homesick star!

“I’ll send you home again, for I
Was homesick once, and know;
And when you’re safely in the sky
And I am here below,

“Then don’t forget me, candle, please,
But twinkle very plain
On dark, dark nights about like these
Above my window pane.”

Then, (though I am afraid at night
That thieves might be about,)
I screwed my eyes up very tight
And blew the candle out!

I Am the Solar System-Book about the Solar System for children