Pauly in the Pipes 4

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Pauly was starting to wonder how Shari was doing on the test when he felt another sharp pinch under his arm. At least Winfred wouldn’t be mad about him acing an open book test if he had the book. He grabbed the book that was being shoved against his side with a smile and opened to the Civil War time-line page that was giving him trouble, placing his finger on the date of the second battle at Bull Run. Just then the book slammed shut on Pauly’s finger so that he had to wiggle it free.
“Cheating is intolerable in my class!” roared Miss Winfred who was looking back and forth between Pauly and Shari.
“We weren’t cheating I only borrowed her book for the last few questions.”
“Open book in this class means YOUR book!” she snapped, snatching the book from his desk. “Both of you can explain this to Principal Borden.” She turned and went back to her desk.

Pauly sat there with his mouth hanging open but no words coming out. His ears were so hot it felt like someone had slapped them. Miss Winfred sat down in her desk with a thump when she saw Pauly still sitting in his desk.
“Go!” she yelled pointing to the door.

He winced when Shari brushed past him, leaving the classroom. She hadn’t said a word to defend herself, but he could tell by her slumped shoulders that she was upset. He rushed out after her, ignoring the classes’ awkward silence.

He wasn’t sure what to say so he just walked beside her, staring at the ground.
“What a witch!” Shari said, breaking the silence.
“Sorry about all this. Winfred seems to have it out for me,” Pauly said, wondering what kind of mood Principal Borden was going to be in.
“It’s not your fault. We didn’t do anything wrong. She’s the one with the problem.” Shari said, speeding up her pace as if she might have a chance of convincing Principal Borden of this.

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