Pauly in the Pipes 5

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When Pauly and Shari entered the front office, Miss Shyvly, the school secretary, was sitting at her desk stapling papers. She didn’t look at them once, even after Shari’s several attempts at clearing her throat. Pauly could feel the sweat starting up on the back of his neck.

Out of nowhere Miss Shyvly acknowledged them, peeking over her cat shaped glasses that were hanging off the end of her nose. She pointed a long red fingernail at the bench behind them and then began stapling papers again.

Shari rolled her eyes and plopped down on the bench. Pauly wasn’t in any big hurry to face Principal Borden, having the extra time gave him a chance to figure out how he was going to explain this mess.

“It’s probably a good thing this all happened. I wasn’t doing so well on the test,” Shari said, leaning back against the wall.

“Winfred always uses the time line. I could show you how to study for it.” Pauly said, his face feeling as red as Miss Shyvly’s nails.
“That’d be great,” Shari said, just as Principal Borden’s office door flew open. He stepped out with his handkerchief in hand, wiping a glistening layer of sweat from his forehead. It didn’t matter what the weather Principal Borden was always complaining about the heat. He did a double take when he saw Pauly and Shari setting on the bench.
“My office Miss Glintz,” Principal Borden said, stuffing the handkerchief back in his pocket. He gave Pauly a suspicious once over and then closed the door.

Pauly slid forward on the bench, wishing he would have been the one to go first so he could have explained. He stared at the door, trying to make sense of the low murmur of words slipping under the door. Miss Shyvly made a tapping sound with her nails on the desk,
“Just sit tight Mr. Witty, your turn’s coming.”

How much trouble could they been in? Pauly thought, leaning back against the wall. This was probably Shari’s first time being sent to the office, and Pauly had only been once before, and it was just as undeserved as this time.

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