Santa, the Snowman, and the Sweetheart Bear by Celine Rose Mariotti

Mr. Snowman frolicked about in the white fluffy snow,
But little Sweetheart Bear sat and waited for more snow,
“Mr. Snowman, when will Santa sing me a Christmas song?”
“Sweetheart Bear, you should be sleeping till Christmas Day comes along,”
“But I need to hear Santa sing!”
Mr. Snowman pulled on his corncob pipe and Thought real long and hard,
Something he could do to make Sweetheart not have the blues,
To make him play his little fife,
Santa was busy with all his toys,
And Sweetheart Bear needed some Christmas Joy
Mr. Snowman began to play a Christmas tune
On his harmonica,
The birds in the trees,
Chirped away in harmony,
“Come along, Sweetheart Bear, play your little fife,”
“Yes of course, Mr. Snowman,”
And so they played a lot of songs,
And the birds sang along,
The deer, the chipmunks, and the squirrels,
Danced and pranced about,
It was the day before Christmas Eve,
Soon Sweetheart Bear left his friends
And went home to sleep,
Mama and Papa Bear were sleeping too,
When Christmas Day did come,
Santa Claus came to see Sweetheart Bear
Sweetheart Bear was full of glee
Mama and Papa Bear made some tea
Santa sang a song of cheer
For Sweetheart Bear
Sweetheart Bear was so very happy
Santa gave him a gift and a hug before he had to go,
“Santa, you made my dream come true!” said Sweetheart Bear
“That’s what good Santas do!”
Sweetheart Bear fell asleep
His little heart full of joy,
Santa flew off to bring more toys,
Mama and Papa Bear said a prayer,
Sweetheart Bear slept near
Christmas comes just once every year
And now love was all around little Sweetheart Bear.