A Stunning Visual by Tamizh Ponni VP

In the wake of the rain, I glimpsed a magic
That lit up the world with flare and frolic
Rubbing my eyes, I gaped in awe
Across the skies as murky clouds moved
Violet brought in the vivacity
Through tons of tints, smooth and slinky
Indigo glitzed it all up with radiance
While lucid lights dyed the vapoury lenses
Blue’s brilliance shined so bold
Azure and Sapphire; cyan in fold
Green was glossy with lustrous shine
Gleaming and glowing; fair and fine
Yellow’s golden flash, envied the rich
Holding them colours by an invisible stitch
Orange’s beams were soft and slight
Painting the space with a gaudy patch
Thanks to Red and its jazzy hues
The sky blushed like a deep red rose
Trimming the clouds with vivid bows
Their origin and end, nobody knows.