A Boy and His Stomach

By Unknown Author

What’s the matter, stummick? Ain’t I always been your friend?
Ain’t I always been a pardner to you? All my pennies don’t I spend
In getting nice things for you? Don’t I give you lots of cake?
Say, stummick, what’s the matter, You had to go an’ ache?

Why, I loaded you with good things yesterday;
I gave you more corn an’ chicken than you’d ever had before;
I gave you fruit an’ candy, apple pie an’ chocolate cake,
An’ last night when I got to bed you had to go an’ ache.

Say, what’s the matter with you? Ain’t you satisfied at all?
I gave you all you wanted; you was hard jes’ like a ball,
An’ you couldn’t hold another bit of puddin’; yet last night
You ached most awful, stummick! That ain’t treatin’ me jest right.

I’ve been a friend to you, I have! Why ain’t you a friend o’ mine?
They gave me castor oil becoz you made me whine.
I’m feelin’ fine this mornin’; yes it’s true;
But I tell you, stummick, you better appreciate things I do for you.