The Little White Dog by May Ellis Nichols

Little white dog with the meek brown eyes,
Tell me the boon that most you prize.
Would a juicy bone meet your heart’s desire?
Or a cozy rug by a blazing fire?
Or a sudden race with a truant cat?
Or a gentle word? Or a friendly pat?
Is the worn-out ball you have always near
The dearest of all the things held dear?
Or is the home you left behind
The dream of bliss to your doggish mind?
But the little white dog just shook his head
As if “None of these are best,” he said.
A boy’s clear whistle came from the street;
There’s a wag of the tail and a twinkle of feet,
And the little white dog did not even say,
“Excuse me, ma’am,” as he scampered away;
But I’m sure as can be his greatest joy
Is just to trot behind that boy.

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