Ted by Maxine Anna Buck

I have a little brindle dog,
Seal-brown from tail to head.
His name I guess is Theodore,
But I just call him Ted.
He’s only eight months old to-day
I guess he’s just a pup;
Pa says he won’t be larger
When he is all grown up.
He plays around about the house,
As good as he can be,
He don’t seem like a little dog,
He’s just like folks to me.
And when it is my bed-time,
Ma opens up the bed;
Then I nestle down real cozy
And just make room for Ted
And oh, how nice we cuddle!
He doesn’t fuss or bite,
Just nestles closely up to me
And lays there still all night.
We love each other dearly,
My little Ted and me.
We’re just good chums together,
And always hope to be.

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