Pauly in the Pipes 2

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As usual, Trevor was waiting for Pauly in front of the school. He had his folder of Pokemon cards ready to show. For as long as Pauly could remember, Trevor had been his best friend. They were in the same pre-school and now they were in the same fifth grade class.

“The talent show was weird last night,” Trevor said, dodging one of the swinging double doors that another kid burst out of and rushed past.
“Yeah, the clowns were pretty creepy.” Pauly answered, wondering where the school board found such a crazy magic show.

Paper and erasers were flying through the air when they sat down in Miss Winfred’s class. Miss Winfred never showed up until right after the bell rang, so everyone had time to goof off. It was impossible to talk in a normal voice because everyone was trying to scream over the top of each other, so to carry on the simplest of conversations Pauly and Trevor had to yell out their words.
“I’ll trade you a…” Pauly’s voice echoed through the now pin-drop quiet classroom as Miss Winfred walked into the class.
“Mister Witty, please take your seat,” Miss Winfred said with a sideways glance in Pauly’s direction.

Pauly tripped against his desk, rushing to sit down, causing an ear piercing screeching noise. The class groaned as Miss Winfred tapped her ruler on the desk.
“Quiet!” she snapped. Miss Winfred was a small woman but her cold black eyes and constantly knitted brow could even make Principal Borden vacate a room.

Everyone watched in fear as Miss Winfred pulled a stack of papers that looked like tests from her briefcase. It was official when she went to the windows and closed all the blinds. Something she always did on test days.
“There’s a surprise history test today. Lucky for you it’s open book.” She started at the opposite end of the classroom passing out the tests.

Pauly shifted in his seat as he remembered kicking his history book in the dirty clothes pile back home in his room. Passing the test wasn’t a worry, but passing it without the book during one of Winfred’s tests was. Miss Winfred prided herself on being one of the most difficult teachers in school and anyone who disturbed that self proclaimed title was viewed as a trouble maker.

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